PEARLA // Quilting & Other Activities 12" Vinyl

PEARLA // Quilting & Other Activities 12" Vinyl


 “This collection of songs is about attachment, illusion, and acceptance. It is my attempt to take pieces from my past and use them kind of like patches of a quilt; weaving them together as an activity meant for distraction, but also for comfort and healing, and eventually, a transformation into something bigger than the sum of the parts.” - Pearla

limited pressing #200 black 12” vinyl / download card included

Also available at Bandcamp / Spotify

track list:

  1. Quilting 5:22

  2. Forgive Yourself 3:42

  3. Daydream 3:45

  4. Pear Shaped World 6:12

  5. Somewhere (alt. version) 3:18

  6. Washing Machine 4:51

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