FERAL CONSERVATIVES // Better Lives 12" Vinyl (Ruby Red, 180g)

FERAL CONSERVATIVES // Better Lives 12" Vinyl (Ruby Red, 180g)


Better Lives is the 2nd full length from Feral Conservatives. sees the band under the seasoned direction of Jon Auer, co-founder of Seattle's The Posies and reunion-era member of original power pop mavens Big Star. Auer co-produced, mixed the record, and even duets with Rosenfarb, bringing his sharp pop sensibilities to a heavier affair overall. The result is a striking, more thought-out album, sonically adventurous while still wholly melodic. Lyrically, hopes co-mingle with disappointment, abandonment with reconciliation, discontent with euphoria, and of course...a song about missing your cat while on tour. And with Better Lives, Feral Conservatives continue their thoughtful, often satirical and self-depreciating music videos that have become a hallmark of the band.

12” vinyl (ruby red) #300

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track list 
1. Nursing a Stubby 00:41
2. Anymore 03:52
3. Five Guys 03:47
4. Angels 04:26
5. Chimney Run 03:53
6. Eyes Open 02:47
7. Cat Song 03:13
8. Sunroom 04:18
9. Sippin Slowly 03:52
10. One More Chance 03:40
11. State Lines 03:58
12. Let it Be 08:12

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