AVERS // Omega , Whatever 12" Vinyl (180g)

AVERS // Omega , Whatever 12" Vinyl (180g)


Two years after their successful debut album,"Empty Light", Avers second full length "Omega/Whatever" finds them returning to their unofficial headquarters — Montrose Recording, a modern studio located on a historic Richmond plantation and operated by bandmate Adrian Olsen — and creating another self-produced album of rumbling rock, shot through with pop hooks, layers of percussion, and coed melodies from four different vocalists. It's a mix of old and new, much like the studio that birthed it. It's an album about balance, too, centered around the struggles of living in the modern world.

12” black vinyl (180g) #500 pressing

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track list 
1. Vampire 04:50
2. Everything Hz 02:39
3. Tongues 03:05
4. Insects 03:57
5. Low 03:42
6. All You Are 03:45
7. Holding On 04:48
8. Santa Anna 02:47
9. Don't Care 03:14
10. My Mistakes 04:36
11. Omega / Whatever 06:38

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