GOLD CONNECTIONS // Popular Fiction 12" Vinyl

GOLD CONNECTIONS // Popular Fiction 12" Vinyl


The debut LP from Gold Connections (Charlottesville, VA)

Popular Fiction spins out from its smooth black centre in wide concentric circles, like rings in a tree. Listen close, and you'll hear all the people Will Marsh has ever been. The debut LP, Popular Fiction is a steady piece of reassurance and we are thrilled to hear how far Will Marsh has come. And we can see, with total clarity, just how far he can go.

12” black vinyl (1st pressing #400)

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Also available at: Bandcamp / Spotify

track list 
1. Icarus 07:28
2. New Religion 05:07
3. Again Alive 04:10
4. Bad Intentions 04:01
5. Salt 03:09
6. Popular Fiction 04:02
7. I Believe In You 03:59
8. Isabel 05:45
9. Plague 8 05:49
10. Desert Land 03:22

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