The story of Lucy Dacus and her meteoritic rise to the top of the indie music world is quite an inspiring and interesting chapter in recent music history. Those of us who were involved in helping her break through to the top have been humbled to be part of her team and artistry. Creative geniuses like Lucy only come along once in a very long while. And so it was that CEO and co-founder Adam Henceroth was attending one of his EggHunt bands’ release party in July of 2015 for the band Manatree. Upon getting there early and walking around the venue at the club, The Broadberry (Richmond,VA) he noticed a young lady setting up her guitar rig on stage. Having not recognized her and becoming interested to see if this opening act had some worthwhile material, Adam asked a nearby friend who she was. They responded “her name is Lucy Dacus, she plays guitar and sings, she plays alot of coffee shops in town.” About an hour later, we got to witness Lucy’s performance, which was documented in a Bandcamp interview by Hiliary Saunders, “When Dacus returned, EggHunt Records’ co-founder Adam Henceroth saw her opening for his label’s own signees, Manatree. As Henceroth remembers, he only intended to watch Dacus for a few minutes.

“I sat in the front row like, ‘Hey lemme catch a few seconds of this before I meet this other guy backstage.’ Well, I forgot about whatever I was doing. Forty minutes later after being glued to her set, I was speechless,” he says. “The thing about Lucy is that, literally within 60 seconds of listening to her, you’re immediately drawn into her world. You’re caught in a tractor beam of sorts. She hits you square in the head and speaks to your heart.”

“After this performance, I walked up to her and gave her my business card, and said Lucy- please give me a call, we’d love to help release your album so the world can get to know you. The rest is history as they say.” - Adam Henceroth (EggHunt co-founder). Lucy released her debut album, No Burden in February 26th 2016 via EggHunt Records, then got to show the world why people in RVA had known she would become an international star. Lucy currently is on Matador records making songs that change people’s lives for the best.

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