Lazyeyes is a shoegaze / post-punk band from Brooklyn, NY. Not unlike their predecessors RIDE, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, and others like Interpol, Lazyeyes bring a fresh take on the waves of crashing guitars and soaring vocals. Past praise is plentiful -The band self-released their sophomore EP, New Year, in January 2015, and it was quickly picked up and reissued by Burger Records’ cassette imprint, Wiener Records. Lazyeyes was a featured artist in the November 2014 issue of NME, and in December of that year, Stereogum described their sound as "a muscular, riff-happy brand of guitar-based dream-pop," going on to proclaim that "their songs burst with angular hooks and polished melodies." The new LP, "Echoes" is about delving into a space where the loss of innocence becomes galvanized amidst the growing times of young adulthood. The energy of adaptation stirs the spirit, yet the weight of confrontation buckles the knees and leaves social truths and real peace just outside your

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